The St George Narrows Crack: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re up for a short adventure away from the crowds in Zion National Park, the St George Narrows is a must-do activity.  This narrow crack in the rock formations at St George’s Pioneer Park is a fun challenge.  If you’re small enough, you can squeeze through this 100-meter slot.

Besides this crack, Pioneer Park itself is a fantastic place to explore.  We recently visited in early May and were blown away by how underrated this park is.  There are endless rock formations to explore, picnic tables and a pavilion, and great lookout points and hiking trails.   

This article will talk about how to get to Pioneer Park, where to find the famous ‘Pioneer Park Crack’/’St George Narrows,’ and other things to do at the park. 

What are the St. George Narrows?

It’s important not to get the ‘St George Narrows’ confused with ‘The Narrows’ (one of the more famous hikes in Zion National Park that has you walk through an enormous slot canyon directly in the Virgin River. 

The St George Narrows, also known as the Pioneer Park Crack, is a 100-meter crack in the rock formations at Pioneer Park in the city of St. George. This crack is just wide enough for a small adult to squeeze through. This is a fun challenge for those who don’t mind tight spaces.  

tourists squeezing through the st george narrows crack at pioneer park
Isaac and me, squeezing through the crack

How to Get to the Crack at Pioneer Park

This famous crack is located just to the north of the Pioneer Park parking area.  The Park address is  375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770.  You’ll turn off Red Hills Parkway onto a loop road with various parking areas.  

The slot/crack is located nearest to the furthest north parking area.  This curved parking area has just 10 parking spots.  If it’s full, drive further down the loop to the next parking area along the loop road.  

map of Pioneer Park in St. George
Our map of Pioneer Park in St. George

How Small Do You Have To Be To Fit Through the Crack?

Most children can easily fit through this narrow slot, although they should always be supervised. This park is full of rock formations, some of which are quite tall, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on the kiddos. 

a tourist fitting through the Pioneer Park crack in st george
Small adults can fit through the crack

Adults less than 150 pounds should be able to fit.  Adults heavier than this may also be able to fit, but it largely depends on body composition.  

The narrowest part of the slot is near the beginning, and most adults will feel the slot walls pressing against both sides of their chest.  Isaac had to exhale through the narrowest portion.  I could breathe normally but could feel the slot walls pressing my chest on both sides. 

If you can get through this first portion, the rest of the slot is slightly wider. You can go through the slot in one of two directions: from the bottom (parking lot side) to the top or vice versa. We recommend going from bottom to top as it is slightly uphill, and there’s less chance of slipping and sliding downwards. It’s also easier on your knees. 

Tips for Going Through the St. George Narrows (Pioneer Park Crack)

  1. Keep your toes pointed forward: If you’ve larger feet, your feet won’t fit sideways. 
  2. Keep your body sideways: Since your toes are pointed forward, this will likely feel awkward, but your body will fit better.
  3. Wear good athletic shoes: I was wearing sandals and regretted it.  The soles were not as grippy, and stepping up in a few places was hard. 
  4. Use the small holes and crevices to pull with your arms: For me, the hardest part of fitting through the slot was trying to push up the stone steps with just one leg. If you can find small crevices to pull with your fingers, this helps. 
  5. Finally, stop and go back if you start feeling stuck or nervous.  You likely won’t be able to turn around, so simply push yourself backward.  People have gotten stuck, and while it’s usually not a life-or-death situation, you don’t want to have to call the EMTs or fire department. 

Things to Know About Pioneer Park 

Besides the fun of squeezing through the Pioneer Park crack, Pioneer Park is a fantastic place to visit in general. It’s an open area and city property, so you’re free to climb on and explore the rocks.  

Here are a few more things to know about Pioneer Park:

  • This park is free and is open from 6 am to 10 pm
  • The park has a pavilion, picnic tables, two BBQs, and a fire pit (you must bring your own firewood)
  • There are no drinking fountains or other potable water sources, so be sure to bring as much water as you need with you. 
  • However, there are bathrooms located near the larger parking lot to the west of the parking loop.

Other Things to Do at Pioneer Park in St. George

A trip to Pioneer Park in St. George can be a great way to spend an entire afternoon and relax with the family away from the more touristy locations.  Here are the top things to do in Pioneer Park: 

  1. Pioneer Park and Sugarloaf Loop Trail: This 1.2-mile trail has just over 100 ft of elevation change. It can be hard to follow, as much of it winds through the park’s rock formations, but it’s a fun way to explore the area.  
  2. T-Bone Trail to Overlook: this short trail (0.4 miles) leads to a cool overlook point over St. George.  
  3. Red Hills Desert Garden is a 5-acre botanical garden full of desert, water-efficient plants. It’s located in Pioneer Park, just east of the parking loop road. 
  4. Top of Dixie Rock: This rock is located right off the Sugarloaf Loop Trail and is another great place to snap some overhead pictures.
overlooking view of St. George
Overlooking view of St. George

Other Places to Visit Near Pioneer Park in St. George

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

This is another gem near St. George that sees far fewer visitors than Zion National Park. The Red Cliffs Conservation Area is over 45,000 acres of public land. There are plenty of hiking and mountain biking trails to explore. 

Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park is a fantastic place to visit and one of our family’s favorites.  This park is located just 15 minutes north of Pioneer Park.  It’s got an awesome bike trail that winds for over 18 miles through the park.  Rest areas have picnic tables and plenty of places to wander and explore the rock formations. 

rock formations at Snow Canyon State Park
We love the rock formations at Snow Canyon State Park

St George Narrows FAQ

Is Pioneer Park Free?

Yes, Pioneer Park is a city park in St. George’s. Visitors are free to hike the trails and use the picnic tables and barbeque areas. There are also multiple free parking areas in a loop near the front of the park.

Is Pioneer Park Dog Friendly?

Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. Visitors should be careful when taking dogs up on the rock formations at Pioneer Park, as they can become stuck. 

How Long is St George Narrows?

The Pioneer Park Crack, or the St George Narrows, is a narrow slot in the rock formations at Pioneer Park. It runs for about 100 meters, and small hikers can squeeze through.  

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