Monteverde Zip Line Costa Rica: 4 Best Tour Companies

Monteverde zip line Costa Rica: Full tour review right here! We loved the ziplining that we did here, soaring over the Monteverde Cloud forest is truly a unique experience.

The views were incredible, the staff was friendly, and we had the time of our lives.  This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of ziplining in Costa Rica.  We’ll compare tour companies, discuss safety, and other tips to make your ziplining adventure a success.

Why Choose Monteverde for Zip Lining?

The cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica, are an incredible backdrop for zip lining.  Esther and I truly felt like we were soaring through the clouds themselves while ziplining and doing our hanging bridges walk.

The incredible Monteverde cloud forests were one big consideration we thought about when deciding between a trip to Costa Rica vs the Dominican Republic for that year (another fantastic tropical destination).

two tourists on a hanging bridge in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

Apart from the ziplining that I did on our 7-day trip to Peru, the Monteverde zip lines are the most incredible I’ve ever done.

Also, the Monteverde area has a whole range of tour companies to choose from with options for beginners as well as those seeking more of a thrill.  We loved that there were so many options to choose from. 

And, there are just so many things to do in Monteverde. Our stay here was one of our favorite stops on our 14-day Costa Rica Itinerary

view over the cloud forest from one of the zip line platforms
Our view over the cloud forest from one of the zip line platforms

Best Tour Companies for Ziplining in Monteverde

Here are the top zipline companies in the Monteverde area, including costs, options, safety features, and more. 

Sky Trek Monteverde 

One of the top zip-lining destinations in Monteverde is Sky Trek (also known as Sky Adventures) and is the company that Esther and I ended up going with.

This company offers a whole range of combo tour options and is great for beginners (people like us) who don’t have a ton of experience with zip lines. 

I had gone to Peru the year before and had done a fantastic zipline over the Urubamba River. However, in comparing Peru vs Costa Rica, the cloud forest zipline with Sky Trek was unbeatable.

Tour Highlights

  • Affordable option and great for beginners
  • Begins with a scenic sky tram ride
  • Professional certified braking systems, with a main system and a backup one, including an additional automatic braking system
  • No hands-on cable

Quick Facts

Safety BrakeHandlebar braking system
Tour Duration (zipline only)2 Hour Guided Tour
Minimum Age5 years
Maximum Weight300 lbs
Additional Tours OfferedSky Walk, Arboreal Trekk Climbing Park
On-site FacilitiesRestaurant, gift shop, Tour Pictures, GoPro Rental, Wifi
Sky Tram ride with Sky Trek Adventures | Monteverde Zip Line Costa Rica
Our Sky Tram ride with Sky Trek Adventures

100% Aventura Adventure Park

100% Aventura Adventure Park was our runner-up choice for ziplining in Monteverde. This park offers 11 different cables, including Superman-style rides where you can zipline headfirst. Also, they’ve got the longest single cable run in Costa Rica, reaching 5220 feet.

Tour Highlights

The zip line canopy tour includes 9 regular zip lines (including the longest zipline in Costa Rica), 2 Superman zip lines, 1 hammock bridge, 1 rappel, and 1 mega Tarzan swing.  

Quick Facts

Tour Duration3 Hours
Transportation Included?No
Additional Tours OfferedMonteverde Hanging Bridges, ATV Tours, Horseback Riding
Minimum Age6 years
Maximum Weight240 lbs for the canopy tour, 220 lbs for the Superman, Rappel, and Tarzan Swing activities
On-site FacilitiesRestaurant

Selvatura Park

Selvatura Park is a large conservation area and the company emphasizes sustainable travel. Selvatura is also a great option if you want a huge range of tour options (they offer 10 different tour packages). 

Quick Facts for the Gold Package (Canopy Tour and Treetop Walkway Suspension Bridges)

Tour Duration4 Hours
Additional Tours OfferedButterfly Garden, The Sloth Habitat, Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition
Minimum Age4 years
Maximim Weight280 lbs
On-site FacilitiesRestaurant, lockers, gift shop
Hanging bridge Monteverde Cloud Forest

Extremo Park

For those who love the adrenaline rush of Superman lines and the Tarzan Swing, Extremo Park is another great choice.  

Tour Highlights

Their Canopy Tour includes 11 cables, 1 Tarzan Swing, 1 Rappel, 1 Superman cable stretching 3,380 feet, and 1 ‘Subterranean Superman’ (a line that contains a 623-foot tunnel).

Quick Facts

Additional ActivitiesHorseback Riding, Jungle Night Walk
Minimum Age8 years
Maximum WeightNot listed on their website
On-site FacilitiesRestaurant, Rental House
tourist sliding along a Superman-style zipline through the Monteverde cloud forest

Tips to Have a Good Ziplining Experience

To make sure that you have a good experience, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes so you don’t slip on the platforms in rainy weather.  Our tour company emphasized making sure that long hair and any dangling clothing items are secured so nothing gets caught in the cables. 
  • Make sure all loose items are secured: Make sure that your cell phone is in a pocket with a zipper.  And that you leave things like hats and sunglasses in your bag (most of the tour companies have lockers or other places for guests to leave their personal belongings). 
  • Follow instructions: Listen carefully to the safety briefing.  Although most of these ziplines are fairly ‘foolproof,’ following instructions can ensure that your braking experience is more comfortable at the end (while stopping). 

Other Activities in Monteverde

The Monteverde Cloud Forest ziplines were our favorite activity during our 3-day stay in Monteverde, but if you’ve got time, we highly recommend the following:

  • Check out the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve: This is the lesser-visited of the cloud forests in the Monteverde area, and we loved hiking the trails. Besides our incredible three days at Drake Bay, the Santa Elena Cloud Forest was one of our most secluded activities. We felt like we had the trail all to ourselves.  
  • Horseback Riding: Head out on a horseback riding tour to see the countryside from a different perspective. 
  • Coffee Plantation Tours: The coffee/chocolate tour that we did in La Fortuna was one of our favorite experiences in Costa Rica, and Monteverde offers similar tours as well.
  • Take a night tour: we went on a night tour with Kinkajou and loved it.  This is a great opportunity to see the animals while they are more active.  Besides our stop at Manuel Antonio National Park, this was the tour where we saw the most wildlife during our whole stay in Costa Rica. 
Green foliage of the Santa Elena Cloud Forest
We loved walking through the quieter Santa Elena Cloud Forest

Best Time to Visit Monteverde

Monteverde has a tropical climate with a dry season and a rainy season. The dry season, from December to April, is generally considered the best time to visit, as the weather is a little more predictable and the trails are less muddy. 

However, rainy days can happen at any time during the year, so we always bring a poncho!

How Long to Stay in Monteverde?  

We would plan to spend at least two to three days in Monteverde. This will give you enough time to do a zip line, go on hikes (the Santa Elena Cloud Forest is a great spot), and do a night tour. 

Where to Stay in Monteverde? 

We stayed in a hostel Santa Elena, a small town near both the Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forests.  Santa Elena has all kinds of hotel and Airbnb options for every price range. 

Monteverde Zip Line Costa Rica: Tour Companies on a Map

Monteverde Ziplining: Key Takeaways

Best Affordable Company for Beginners: Sky Adventures

Best Company with an emphasis on ecotourism: Selvatura

Best for Extreme Ziplining (Superman lines and Tarzan Swings): 100% Aventura Adventure Park or Extremo Park 

Monteverde is one of the coolest places you’ll find, especially for ziplining.  With a little research, you can choose the zip line tour company that best fits your budget and preferences.  We loved our time here and can’t wait to return!

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