Hello and Welcome!

My name is Marie, and I am thrilled to have you here.  This blog is dedicated to finding and completing the best hiking trails in North, Central, and South America. I cover everything from epic day hikes to multi-day treks to hiking tips and gear reviews.  

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m a huge language enthusiast: I passed the ACTFL Spanish language proficiency test with a ‘High Advanced’ in January of 2023.  My fluency is hugely beneficial in both my nursing career and travels to Central and South America.  
  • I continue to work as a registered nurse: I’ve worked in various medical intensive care units and currently work in homecare.   
  • We are a military family, so we move around frequently.  It’s given us a cool opportunity to experience lots of different places as a local.

What You Will Find Here

Hiking Gear and Hiking Tips

Whether you’re just getting into hiking or are a seasoned outdoor adventurer, we can all learn something new.  We’ll cover the best hiking clothing, gear, and tips to keep you safe on the trail.

National/State Parks

Some of the most exquisite places I have ever seen have been within the National Parks in North and South America. These kinds of adventures are my absolute favorite, but they often come with their own unique set of challenges.  For example, navigating parking or knowing how to get the necessary permits.  We’ll cover all those logistics here!

Itineraries for Top Hiking Destinations

All of us want to make the very most of our time, especially while traveling.  If we’ve only got 5 days or one week, we want to make sure we do the best of the best. I’ve got itineraries for all the destinations I’ve visited that not only include the best things to do but in an order that makes sense and saves transportation time.

Who Are Kendall and Esther?

Kendall is my husband-extraordinaire.  I do all the content-producing and trip-planning for this website, but he features in a lot of our photographs and helps me with editing.  He works as an attorney for the Air Force, and we currently live in Washington State. 

Esther is my sister.  She’s come on many of our trips and is the most enthusiastic travel companion I’ve ever met.  She is currently studying speech-language pathology at Utah State University.